E-learning 2010 Presenters


Duy Huynh

Beyondedge, leading instructional designer
Duy Huynh is the Executive Producer & Creative Director of Beyondedge.
With a diverse background in IT, Web, Film and TV industries, Duy’s career has always been somewhat transcendent of traditional boundaries.
At the core of it, his work has been the integration of creative ideas with technology, which has brought fresh thinking to the world of eLearning.
In his role at Beyondedge, Duy combines creative thinking with clear strategic and solving problems skills, ensuring technology and ideas work hand in hand to solve client’s business & learning objectives.
Beyondedge specialises in producing highly engaging elearning that blends interactive simulations, dramatisations, games and stunning 3D animations to make learning more compelling.
Duy’s combination of skill-sets makes him one of the few industry specialists with a true understanding of how to take advantage of this convergent media world.

Andrew DouchAndrewDouche.jpg

an inspiring speaker who will challenge your thinking about using Web 2 communication tools with your learners.
Andrew is somebody who is passionate in his assertion that great teachers need not be "tech-savvy". They are novel, innovative and willing to take risks. “What we need in the 21st Century is not teachers with computer skills, but teachers with minds open to change, teachers with new ideas. The technical know-how comes second to the ideas that make it necessary.”
Andrew Douch is a practicing teacher of 20 years, and is currently the ICT Innovations Leader at Wanganui Park Secondary College, in Victoria, Australia.
He has won a number of awards for his work with emerging technologies in education in recent years, including an Australian Government Award for Quality Schooling, the Victorian Education Excellence Award for Curriculum Innovation and the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teacher of the Year.
Andrew is in demand as a keynote speaker, locally and internationally and is sought as a consultant by schools and Education Departments on the use of online tools in schools. He is also in demand to provide professional learning workshops in schools - showing teachers how they can use freely available tools to transform their classrooms into learning communities, which not only engage Generation Y students, but lead to significantly improved learning outcomes.

Find out more about Andrew from his website: www.andrewdouch.com.au


Kaye Bowman

Kaye has worked in VET area for many years and is a highly respected researcher. Kaye and Victor Callan have just undertaken a key piece of research, Sustaining E-learning, for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.
She has held jobs in the Queensland system, the former Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) and the NCVER.
Her roles have included as strategic planner, policy developer, resource allocation adviser, performance measurer and reporter, and manager of national VET research and evaluation.
Kaye has been a consultant on VET for the past four years.

2010 Innovations Project Teams

We will hear from many of our project teams on how they implemented their project, the outcomes of the project, the lessons learned and what you can learn from their experience

Concurrent Sessions

Julian Ridden

Julian has more than 12 years experience in education (specifically in online e-learning) with a wide range of both corporate clients and educational institutions as well as experience in project management, systems implementation, networking, support and training. Better known as 'Moodleman' Julian has recently joined the Australian Moodle Partner www.moodle.com.au . Julian is an experienced IT Manager within the scholastic sector with experience in schools, corporate and VET sectors. This knowledge of the IT world both behind the server door and at the education coalface (the classroom) has provided him with a diverse skills base from which to pull when consulting and training clients. For the past 2 years Julian sat on the AIS IT Managers committee representing IT managers from independent schools around NSW. He also is a founding member of the Sydney Moodle User Group.

Allison Miller

Allison Miller is the Business Manager for the E-portfolios business activity for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework). Her previous Framework roles include being the South Australian Innovations Coordinator, and the Project Manager for the Inclusive e-Learning for Youth Project. Allison has also been the E-Learning Development Co-ordinator for TAFE SA.
Allison has been involved in the vocational education and training (VET) sector for nearly 10 years and has over six years experience in creating e-learning environment and experiences for students and staff. She has experience teaching and facilitating in areas of Business Finance, Administration and Small Business Management.

Kim Raschepkin

Kim is a Learning Designer with nine years experience creating digital learning resources for TAFE NSW. Prior to this Kim worked across the media, design and education fields as a writer, designer, director and teacher.

Stefanie Klein

Stefanie joined IMC, Europe’s leading provider of innovative learning technologies, in September 2006 and is ever since responsible for the company’s business in the South East Asian and Pacific region. During her Master studies in Germany she specialised in media and communication management as well as learning technologies, after completing her studies she has published a number of articles on the subject. The last 10 years Stefanie has lived in South East Asia, working for global companies in the field of project management and human resource development. In her function as Regional Director for IMC Stefanie is responsible for directing all of IMC’s operations in the South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Gail Smith

Gail is the NSW Innovations Coordinator with the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Gail is an experienced VET practitioner with more than 20 years experience in the VET sector. She is also a highly experienced project manager, educator and e-learning facilitator. Gail is passionate about supporting teachers, RTOs and organisations so that they are better positioned to provide e-learning solutions for their learners that are sustainable and learner centric.

Michael Coghlan

Michael Coghlan has been working as a creator, facilitator and thinker around elearning environments since 1997. Trained as an English a Second Language (ESL) teacher he taught ESL using technology in a blended learning model privately, and for TAFE in South Australia before transferring to a general professional development role in all things to do with elearning. He divides his time working as an elearning facilitator for TAFE SA and his own elearning business. He is a living example of a networked educator, and was a co-founder of the Webheads online community. He also does a reasonable job of writing songs, and singing and playing guitar for audiences who'll listen!

Vanessa Tuckfield

Since 2004 , Vanessa has worked with the Framework to help Vocational Education and Training practitioners understand theri lefal obligations regarding copyright law. In this role she has also developed and updates the Copyright Kitchen area of the Framework website.
She is also the Repository Manager at the Canberra Institute of Technology, managing the repository of digital learning resources including copyright on these objects. She also teaches copyright subjects in fields like music, media and library and lectures on IP issues in industry.

David Bartolo

David has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Graduate Diploma of Communications, Graduate Diploma in Education and Graduate Certificate in Facilitating and Managing Online Learning. He is currently studying towards an Honours Masters of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney.

He has taught and worked in Digital Media and Computing for a number of years, and developed an array of digital resources in the above areas. He currently teaches and facilitates student works in Interactivity, Animation and Gaming. He also develops interactive resources, the most recent being a commercial tutorial being offered via Sakai.

Rory O'Brien

Rory 0"Brien co-ordinates e-learning capability development for the Centre of Learning Innovation with TAFE Institutes across NSW. He is focused on building the skills of TAFE staff and teachers in using e-learning technology, both through face-to-face workshops and through the online "CLI Connects" information sessions. In ten years with TAFE he has taught IT and Design courses at Hunter and North Sydney Institutes, managed resource development projects and helped teachers find resources through the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLe) website

Debbie Soccio

Debbie has worked in the vocational education sector, in particular in the ALBE area for over 17 years. She is the Manager, e-learning Content which includes responsibility for the Business Activity of the Toolboxes. Her particular interests are in the field of supporting teachers to develop programs and e-learning resources for students.

Howard Errey

Howard is a psychologist specializing with the human side computers and technology. Since starting as a psychologist in 2000 he has always been involved with assisting people with or through technology. This has included the establishment of online counseling systems in education, projects to engage young people through technology and project management of funding for inclusive e-elearning projects for disadvantaged groups. He has worked as a consultant for online innovations projects in education both for eWorks and the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. He also provides consultancy services for the use of social media in business.

Peter Williams and Monish Paul

Peter Williams is a Partner with Deloitte, CEO of the newly formed Deloitte Digital, and until recently, was CEO of Australia’s largest online mobile and emerging technology firm, Eclipse. Prior to his time at Deloitte Digital & Eclipse, Peter founded Deloitte’s e-business consulting group in Australia in 1996. Peter is one of Australia’s thought leaders on innovation and online, mobile & emerging technology. He has worked with many high profile organisations such as Telstra, CSIRO, Holden, Victorian & Federal Governments and Meat & Livestock Australia. Peter is a sought after commentator on web and technology trends and in 2006 & 2007 has been featured in articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, BRW and Fast Thinking Magazine.

Monish is a Partner with Deloitte and leads Deloitte’s National Education practice in Australia. He specialises in leading, designing and managing complex business transformation programs and has worked with many organisations in the education sector including Edith Cowan University, Curtin University of Technology and Murdoch University. Monish is frequently called upon by various publications to provide expert commentary and insight on the state of the Education sector within Australia, including The Australian and the Australian Financial Review.

Robyn Jay

Robyn is an experienced project manager and educator with a passion for student centred multi-modal learning design that actively engages and prepares learners for life in a technically rich and globally networked world.
As an educator Robyn focuses on experiences that draw on interests and strengths, which give students voice, and which encourage reflection, critique and collaboration. In staff support and capability building roles she seeks to equip educators with skills and strategies to enrich practice and better meet the needs of ALL learners.
As well as consultancy work Robyn keeps a blog and loves photography, design and mosaics using FlickR to connect with others internationally.