We welcome the following exhibitors to our conference and hope that you will find time in the session breaks to talk to them about the services they can offer you.

Australian Flexible Learning Framework

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework is the vocational education and training sector's national e-learning strategy. If provides the VET system with the essential e-learning infrastructure and expertise needed to respond to the challenges of a modern economy and the training needs of Australian businesses and workers.
Visit the Framework stand for all the latest e-learning publications and resources. Shane Dowd the NSW Toolbox Champion will be there to talk to you about these graet resources and the range of services and information that is available from the Framework website.www.flexiblelearning.net.au

Adobe Products


Adobe has a large range of program that are used to support e-learning. They are also a generous sponsor to the e-learning2010 - sustaining e-learning.



What is Streamfolio ?
Streamfolio is a video portfolio storage and sharing application which provides users with:
  • individual secure access
  • privacy controls
  • live video creation
  • internal video replay
  • upload video function
  • download video function
  • share as view ( Mahara )
  • broadcast live to others (Moodle )
  • edit description control
  • delete control.



Pukunui Technology was started in 2000 by Shane Elliott in Perth, Western Australia and has quickly grown to an international enterprise with clients from around the globe. With a background in both the education and IT sectors, we were proud to find a local product of the calibre of moodle. In 2004 the company became an official moodle partner and currently provides a range of moodle related services to education and training institutions of all sizes.
Pukunui Technology is a leading full-service Moodle and Mahara Partner in Australia, offering hosting, support and training as well as theme design services, consultancy and e-leraning content creation. As partners we are also involved in the ongoing development of the core code of these products.


Beyondedge Pty Ltd specialises in creating compelling and engaging e-learning. They have created resources for several education sector levels and also for government and business organisations. Duy Huynh, the Chief Executive, will be available to talk to you.

Keepad Interactive


Keepad Interactive offers a suite of interactive engagement and activity based learning products and solutions that empower you to more fully engage your students, audience, staff, clients and community in real time via the use of leading audience response, engagement and activity based technologies.
Keepad offers an impressive suite of technologies including the TurningPoint Audience Response System, the versatile eBeam Interactive Whiteboards & Tablets, Epson Data Projectors & Visualiser, Fourier Data Loggers & Student Learning Devices, display solutions, educational products, software & content applications and Training & Support.