Welcome to the e-learning 2010 -sustaining e-learning Conference Wiki!

e-learning 2010: sustaining e-learning is the NSW Framework's annual conference for e-learning practitioners

The conference was held on 9 & 10 December with over 240 participants and was a great event!!!!.

Important news

The podcasts and powerpoints from all the keynote speakers, Andrew Douch, Duy Huynh and Kaye Bowman are now available for you to dowload and listen to


Thank you to all our great presenters, to the Innovations Projects Teams who put on a fantastic Showcase, to our Sponsors for their support and our exhibitors who were visited by many of the delegates.

The feedback so far is that most people felt that there was a great choice of things on offer that interested them

The conference had two main themes.....

.....sustaining e-learning

This year there will be a strong focus on how organisations are setting about embedding their e-learning and sustaining that development throughout their practice. We will hear from past project leaders who have gone on to build from their project to taking e-learning across their practice or organisation.


.....new and emerging technology

what is coming up on our horizon and how will new research and technology shape our practice

Innovations Showcase of the 2010 Innovation Projects

Each project team will have an space to share the outcomes of their projects in a large open area so that delegates can move freely around with time to find out what the projects have produced and how the outcomes can be used by others.
and the Networking will continue at the Welcome Reception

For more information please contact Chantelle Holdaway on (02) 9244 5740.